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Tournament Rules

  1. Friday night matches will only be needed if there are a large number of players for a given tournament.
  2. Entry fee is $10 and balls are provided.
  3. Players must be entered one week prior to set tournament dates to play.
  4. Tournament match ups will be drawn the day of the tournament start date.
  5. Participants must be present at the draw and be able to play on date of tournament or will withdraw.
  6. All players must be present and ready to play 30 minutes prior to set match time in case prior games are completed earlier. No time delay will be accommodated unless prior matches go long.
  7. Final round matches will be played on Sunday afternoon unless players agree to play match earlier (ie. Saturday evening etc.)
  8. Players not arriving at set match time will be disqualified. No accommodation will be allowed unless organizer is notified by phone or prior to leaving courts after last match.
  9. All games will be scored normally. Opening round matches will be 8-game pro-sets. First player to 8 games with a 2 game difference will win. In case of a 7 – 7 tie, a normal tie break game will be played (ie. First player to 7 points with a 2 point difference).
  10. Semi-finals and Championship matches will be a best 2 out of 3 set match. First to 6 games with a tie break game at 6 – 6.

When matches are drawn and the tournament brackets are uneven, prior finalists (Champion and runner up) will be ranked #1 and #2 and will be given a bye the first round. If there is no champion from the previous year then the brackets and byes will be picked randomly. Thus all players participating in the tournament must be present otherwise the organizer assumes signed-up entrant withdraws his or her name from the tournament.
Doubles B tournament: Max individual rating of 3.75 and combined rating of 7.25.
Singles B tournament: Max individual rating of 3.75
Doubles A tournament: Min combined rating of 7.5.
Singles A tournament: Min individual rating of 4.0


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