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Tennis Etiquette Guide

We play for fun and a good workout. As with all sports, there are a few courtesies which make the
game more enjoyable for all players. Here are some reminders…

  1. The game of tennis depends on courtesy and fairness. Sportsmanlike, respectful, and courteous behavior is required at all times on the courts and around the club.
  2. Never walk across or behind a court while play is in progress. This includes between first and second serves. Wait until the point is over and ask permission to cross. Permission will be granted, then cross as quickly as possible. This includes not opening the gate or rattling the door while a point is being played on court 1. This is especially distracting when someone is about to serve!
  3. Wait until play has stopped before asking politely for the return of your ball(s).
  4. Ensure the court is clear of balls before starting play. Accidentally stepping on a ball can break an ankle!
  5. When your ball rolls onto another court, ensure you warn the other players so they do not step on it.
  6. When sending balls back to other courts, either send them to a player who is waiting for the ball, or roll the ball to the back fence between the courts. Never send them into or behind a court when play is in progress.
  7. The server should announce the game score at the beginning of each game and the point score at the start of each point.
  8. Give opponents the benefit of the doubt on close calls. A ball in “in” if it has touched any portion of the line.
  9. If your opponent has served a fault, quickly clear a ball that is interfering with play but otherwise do not go after it. Wait until the point is over to return balls to the server.
  10. If an extraordinary delay is created between first and second serves, replay the first serve.
  11. It is the responsibility of the receiver or their partner to call serves “out”.
  12. If you are unsure whether your opponent’s shot was in or out, you must call it in.
  13. Always respect the line calls of your opponent. If there is a disagreement, offer a let and replay the point.
  14. Shake hands at the end of each match.
  15. Make sure the server gets two balls directed to him or her. Just hitting the balls anywhere to the back of the court is not acceptable.
  16. Always play the point over (a let) if a stray ball comes into your court.
  17. Your club executive asks all intermediate and advanced players to make an effort to play weaker players sometimes. You got to your level by playing stronger players. We ask you to pass it on in friendship and service to your club and fellow players.


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