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Round Robin Rules

Greetings to All Round Robin Participants!

Whether you are a returning participant from previous years or new to our club and our Round Robin (RR), I would like to thank all for your interest and briefly describe how the RR is organized. This document serves to inform all participants of a few simple guidelines and rules which, if adhered to, will ensure everyone is treated fairly and can enjoy a well-organized RR season. Please do not lose sight of the fun part, win or lose!

  1. What is the MWTC RR
    The MWTC RR is an adult fun, social tennis event open to all MWTC members irrespective of skill level.
  2. When is an RR held?
    Weather permitting, the starting date this year will be April 19. The event is held every Sunday, from 2–5 pm, weather permitting, until the end of the season. The condition of the tennis courts will be assessed approx. 30 – 45 minutes before start time. If the courts are found to be slick or wet with puddles, then an email notice of cancellation will be sent to all members. This is for your own safety as wet courts are slippery.
  3. Procedure of Play
    1. The afternoon of play consists of 6 sessions with duration each of 30 minutes starting at 2:00 pm with the last session starting at 4:30 pm.
    2. All members who wish to take part must sign-up with the event organizer (either Jack Petrilli or Vic Sevilla) at least 10 minutes before start of the first session to be placed in priority sequence.
    3. Irrespective of skill level, the organizer will assign groups of 4 players to each of the 4 courts. The 4 players themselves shall determine the pairings.
    4. A can of new balls will be provided for each court at the beginning of the first session. At the end of the last session, all used balls should be left on the respective courts as they
    5. will to be reused for the Juniors’ sessions.
    6. If deemed necessary, players may have a warm-up period of approx. 10 minutes before the first session and the “first-serve in” rule will apply to the first session only.
    7. This is a fun event and it is the responsibility of all players to score fairly. In the case of any disagreement, the point is to be replayed.
    8. Shortly before end of the session, the organizer will call “last point” after which all players should quickly exit the courts pending reassignment.
    9. Following the sign-up list, the organizer will then reassign groups of 4 for the next session and so on till the last session at 4:30pm.
    10. Players who arrive after the event has started will be immediately assigned to play in the next session provided they sign-up with the organizer at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next session and will then be further assigned according to the priority sequence list.
  4. General
    • Be courteous/respectful by adhering to our MWTC Code of Conduct (found on the bulletin board at our courts);
    • There will be zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike behaviors; (ex. verbal abuse/bullying) which will result in suspension or dismissal of the offender;
    • Do not smoke on or near the courts;
    • Do not walk across courts when games are in session;
    • We are in a residential area, so please refrain from yelling/shouting or using abusive language;
    • Kindly place your used drink bottles into the trash or recycle bins.
    • Please remember to wear your shoe tags and proper tennis attire.
    • Please remember that parking is not allowed at any time on Sundays in the church parking lot.

If you have any questions concerning these guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact me.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we hope you enjoy the 2015 Round Robins at MWTC.

Let the fun begin!

Vic Sevilla
MWTC 2015


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