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Ladder Rules

What is the Ladder?

The purpose of a ladder is to challenge players that are higher on the ladder, beat them, and take their spot (or rung), thereby moving up the ladder. If the challenger wins, he/she takes the rung of the challenged player, while the loser (and any players in between) moves down one rung. Players do not move if the challenger loses. Players may challenge up to 3 rungs above their current rung.

Structure of the Ladder:

We currently have 2 ladders at MWTC:

  • Adult – with any rating:
  • Juniors – with any rating:


Players may challenge other players highlighted in blue. As you move up the ladder, the ones in black will change to blue and you will be able to challenge them, too.

  1. When players create challenges, both players will receive notification of the challenge through the e-mail system. When the challenge is accepted, the system e-mails both players with contact info so they can arrange their match.
  2. Players are responsible for entering their game scores on the website.
  3. If a player fails to show up within 15 minutes of their arranged time, the player who is present at the arranged time will win by default and a score of 8-0 will be recorded.
  4. If the challenged player does not respond to the challenge within 3 days, contact the Ladder Administrator to mitigate acceptance of the challenge.
  5. It is recommended that ladder participants play one ladder match per week.
  6. Please do not challenge all 3 rungs above you at the same time – we simply don’t have enough court time if everyone does this.
  7. Currently, players may decline a match for vacation/injury.
  8. At the end of the season, the top ranking player of each ladder will be recognized on the MWTC website and at the awards banquet.

Procedure of Play

  1. Both players bring one new can of balls to the match. One can is used for the match and the winner takes the other, unopened, can. The loser takes the can used in the match.
  2. Each match will be an 8-game Pro set, with a tie-break at 7-7. Alternately, if the courts are not busy, players may agree before the match starts to win by 2 games instead of a tie-break. In this case, the final score must still be recorded as 8-7.
  3. A warm-up period of maximum 10 minutes will be included before the start of the ladder match.
  4. The “first-serve in” rule will apply to the first serving game of each player.
  5. It is the responsibility of all players to score fairly. Normally the point will be called by the player on whose side the point occurs. In case of any disagreement, the point is to be replayed.

Good luck and Have Fun on the Courts. Enjoy your climb to the top, and don’t forget…
You’ll be Gladder for having joined the Ladder!

If you have any further inquiries, please contact the House League & Ladder Director @ houseleague@mwtc.ca


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