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House League Guidelines

MWTC 2015 House League – Guidelines
May 26, 2015
Rules, Responsibilities & Regulations

  1. General Reminders
    1. Be courteous/respectful by adhering to our MWTC Code of Conduct (found on the bulletin board at our courts);
    2. There will be zero tolerance for any un-sportsman-like behaviours; (e.g. verbal abuse/bullying) which will result in immediate suspension or dismissal of the offender;
    3. Peel Region Outdoor Smoking By-Law prohibits smoking within 9 metres (30 feet) of the courts;
    4. Do not walk across courts when games are in session;
    5. Wait until your opponent is ready before serving and call out the score before every point;
    6. We are in a residential area, so please refrain from yelling/shouting or using abusive language;
    7. Hydrate well – bring a water bottle or similar and kindly place your used drink bottles into the trash or recycle bins;
    8. Please remember to attach your shoe tags and wear proper tennis attire.
  2. Captains
    1. Each team consists of maximum 12 members but only 8 will play each week. Please ensure that all team members are given equal playing time over the course of the season.
    2. Communicate with your team in advance with regards to your Team Line up. Generally monthly line ups work well.
    3. E-mail your team line up, latest one day prior to your match, to the opposing team’s Captain so they can ensure co-ordination with their ratio of players.
    4. Ensure the pairings are notified to the players before the evening starts.
    5. Rotate all players evenly with top rated players (4.0 and 3.75) playing only on courts 1 & 2 and lesser skilled players on courts 3 & 4.
    6. At half time switch all players around so they get to play with different members.
    7. Send your scores (Win/Lose/Tie) to the HL Director as soon as possible after the game but latest within 48 hours after completion of the match.
  3. Players
    1. Communicate with your Captain by giving as much advanced notice as possible with regards to your availability for your team’s matches throughout the season. This is especially critical during the summer vacation period when it is more difficult to find subs.
    2. As part of a team, it is your obligation to participate in your scheduled match if selected to play. If you fail to show up, and a substitute player cannot be found, then your team is at risk of losing by default. A forfeited match on account of insufficient players (by a player not showing up) is disrespectful and unfair to your teammates. 3. In the event that you do not show up 2 times for a match (without having given prior notification to your Captain), as a consequence you will be removed from your team and the House League. Your payment for participation in the House League will not be refunded.
    3. Come to the courts at least 5-10 minutes before the start of the matches. This gives your Captain enough time to assign you to a court before you step onto the court.
    4. If you show-up after the warm-up period and no sub was found, then your team forfeits that match.
      If you show-up within the 10 minute warm-up period and a sub was meanwhile found, it is at the Captain’s discretion to decide who will play the match. The sub will be expected to play the entire two matches if selected.
      If you show-up before the start of the second match and no sub has been found, you may play in the match but without a warm-up period.
    5. Scheduled players must be constantly reminded to come to the courts at least 5-10 minutes before the start of the session thus giving you enough time to assign them to the court and eventually accommodate any last minute adjustments.
  4. Substitutes
    1. In order to give the Captains adequate time to organize their lineups, it is critical to have everyone let their Captain know early enough in the season of their intentions to play or abstain. If a player has been selected by their Captain to play, but is unable to do so, it is the player’s responsibility to immediately notify their Captain so that he/she may find a substitute.
    2. The Captain will then initiate the Sub Priority Sequence (SPS) which will be as follows:
      • First contact other HL players on your own team;
        Should no player be available then:
      • Contact HL players on other teams (if possible with similar rating of absent player);
        Should no player be available then:
      • Contact the HL Director who will maintain a list of available subs;
        Should no player be available then:
      • Any MWTC member who is present near the courts at the time of the match may be asked if he/she wishes to sub for the entire duration of a match.
  5. Rain dates
    1. Rain dates are missed play time. The decision to cancel due to inclement weather will be decided by the HL Director. The condition of the tennis courts’ surface will be assessed approx. 30 – 45 minutes before the first match start time. If the courts are found to be slick or wet with puddles, then the HL Director will broadcast a notice of cancellation to all HL members. This is for all players’ safety as wet courts are slippery and dangerous.
      A make-up schedule will be provided by the HL Director as the season progresses.
  6. Procedure of Play
    • The evening of play consists of 2 sessions with duration each of 90 minutes starting at 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm respectively.
    • Each session consists of 2 matches each lasting for maximum 45 minutes.
    • A warm-up period of maximum 10 minutes will be included before the start of the first match of each session.
    • For the second match the Captains (or Lieutenants) will switch around the pairings of their teammates and re-assign the courts in order that everyone plays a different pair of opponents for the next 45 minutes.
    • The “first-serve in” rule will apply to the first match only of the respective session.
    • At the 45 minute mark, either one of the Captains (or Lieutenants) will call time.
    • Scores are recorded by the Team Captains and e-mailed to the HL Director as outlined above. The cumulative scores of all teams will be e-mailed to all participants as the season progresses, as well as being posted on the MWTC bulletin board at the courts.
    • The Captains of the teams which start at 7:00 pm will open 4 new cans of tennis balls (provided by the club). At the end of the late match, used balls may be freely disposed of by any of the players.
  7. Assigning points during play
    • It is the responsibility of all players to score fairly. Normally the point will be called by one of the players on whose side the point occurs. In the case of any contestations the point is to be replayed. If the issue cannot be resolved, the Captains (or Lieutenants) will mediate.

If you have any questions concerning these Guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact the HL Director. Thank you all for joining and on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, we hope you enjoy a fun and challenging House League season at MWTC.

Let the games begin!
Jeffrey Edelson
MWTC 2015
House League & Ladder Director


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